The Project line – News Website Project

Suddenly out of No where, I got an idea. What about Writing a Chain of post about what i do in my project? Things i use ( Like CSS framework or Js libs ), Things i do ( Like Rules i follow Or Things i do in my way ). That might help people as well as me for further days coming.


What are we Dealing with now?

I’ve got a Theme Development project recently, A News Website theme. Lots of Slider, Tons of Image, Endless Count of Words, Basically, this project is all about Information. I really hate to deal with the grid, And I added unsemantic Grid. I love this one for its Easy to USE way.



So, I created a index.html and a style.css file for starting the project. And The life saver sublime text is here, Ready set go.





You surely don’t want to write all the CSS code by yourself. There are a lots of Framework over there, to make your life more easy. So just pick one. I picked Gumby Framework. But let me tell you, I didn’t use the grid provided by gumby. 1st reason was the gird wasn’t properly cover what my client need.



Flow of Work

There are a Common style i follow.

  • First, Get a work plan. For me, Assemble the needed framework and image in a separate directory, Probably in your localhost.
  • Write the Basic Structure of HTML, Include the needed Stylesheet.
  • include a separate stylesheet, for your own custom code.
  • Better use the multi-column style of Sublime Text, It will let you do code more easily and help you to keep up with rest of the project.
  • Pick a single image, Re-size it to multiple size, you can use it as a part of Demo Content.

And now, Lets do some coding. Hope that will be published in up coming date !


The Best Coding is Write less, Do more

– Unknown