7 Reason why I Love Dropbox

Well, If you haven’t heard of dropbox, I think you are still living in stone age ! Dropbox is a File share, File Sync, File hosting, File ……. Service, In one word, A awesome service for your files.


Why Dropbox?

People use dropbox for various reason. I use for its fast sync and upload system. Since its birth, Dropbox is getting popular everyday, Even when hard competitor like google drive, skydrive is there. 7 Reason why i love dropbox are,

  • Its public folder, Ask any dropbox user, its the best thing about dropbox. Once you put a file in it, it will be available through a direct link. That link can be used for direct share, for using inside your website or for anything a direct link required.
  • If you didn’t know yet, you can put your HTML file in public folder and can access it directly in your browser. Which i use heavily for showing my client the design preview.
  • You don’t have to go to the dropbox site to get the public link or sharing link of your file, Get it directly from your dropbox folder. Which save my time a lot, Along with bandwidth.
  • Using Dropbox API, You can use it as a Backup service for your website, Which is a Pretty smart way to back up your site. I use it for back up the site i manage.
  • If you don’t have your PC or PHONE nearby, Still you can access the file from dropbox website, Which i do in case i am not home. I keep backup of my necessary file in dropbox for instant access from a remote location. Which helped me one time when my HDD crashed and i had a project backup in dropbox. My deadline was on the neck, so i directly send it from dropbox to client and saved my day !
  • Put Anything in a folder rather then the public folder, Generate a Sharing link, now give it to someone. And that person finished Downloading, Viewing the file. Now you can delete that shared link from dropbox, and that file will be un-accessible using that link. That mean, You can control the files visibility directly from dropbox. Just delete the link to protect your file from unwanted visitor. Which is a great feature for me when i share my work demo with my client.
  • And The 2nd most Important Feature, Sync. Lets say you have two computer, one in home, another in Office. Now You need to do some work after office, So you need to take the file home, And you might use a Pendrive for that. But what if you don’t have to? Get dropbox, Install in both computer using same account, Once you upload it from your office computer, it will be automatically synchronized in your home pc. Get home, and Do your task and then upload it to dropbox, It will be synced in your office PC. So without any physical medium, Your files are ready. Thats what i do in my phone and desktop.

There might be 100 more reason for using dropbox, But these are the most important things dropbox did to me.

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