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Testing google Chromium OS &ndash; VirtualBOX

Well, If you surf the web regularly and Curious in nature, You must have heard of Chromium Operating System [ Chromium OS ], Powered by Mighty Google. But the only problem remains after it’s birth, Its not available like the other linux Distros. Either you have to make a custom build of Chromium OS, or you have to buy a chromebook [ Which is Powered with Chromium OS ].

And neither i am capable of [ In resource ] Making a custom build, nor i am ready to buy a chromebook. So what do i do? There is a new OS in the market and i want to test it, use it. How?

Lets Install Chromium OS

Well, So far, Might not be a very useful solution, but a tiny solution is here. The Chromium OS virtualbox image. Lets cut the Long chatter and move to main Things. First, You need to have Virtual Box installed in your system. And the Download it [ Chromium OS virtualbox image / And Extract it] . Now Create a new virtual box, Select Linux from OS Type and Other from Version [ As chromium isn’t listed there ]. Now when it will ask for Creating a Virtual HDD, Select for Existing HDD, And browse and select the .vdi file from the Extracted File. But don’t start now, First you need to change the Network Adapter, As Chromium OS is still Available for Selected Manufactures. Change it to Intel PRO /1000 MT Desktop and You age good to go.


I didn’t go brief of creating the Virtual Box or How to add vdi. Because Your might have listened about a Search Engine Called Google and it can do pretty much everything !


On the first run, You have to login using your gmail ID. Or you can check in as a guest. Which is a bad idea cause you will miss a lots of thing. After you are done, On the Next Restart,