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Are aliens real?

It&#8217;s a simple enough question. Does aliens exist?  You have to consider two things. How big our universe is and how many planets are there that has the environment to sustain life?

Let&#8217;ss take our solar system for example. Earth is somewhat perfectly positioned to have a atmosphere that can sustain intelligent life. The distance from the sun and the orbit is perfect to have a place where heat is nominal and water is present.

There are about 200 Billion solar system just like ours ( somewhat ) in our galaxy milky way. The nearest solar system to ours, Alpha Centauri, has exoplanet like earth, where life can sustain. Forget about 200 Billion solar system in our galaxy, there are billions of galaxy just like ours. Even if you go for a simple math of probability, the number is very positive.

So am I saying there are alien life out there? That&#8217;s a hard question to answer. so far, there is no actual proof of a alien life in our knowledge. And for good reason. Alpha Centauri, our neighbour, is 4.37 light years far from us. It takes light from there to reach 4.37 years just to get here. If for some reason, there is a huge explosion there, we would know about it 4.37 year later.

Wrap Drive Spacetime Curve - Aliens

Wrap Drive Spacetime Curve &#8211; Aliens

Our biggest problem is distance. If we look up at the sky, about 10% of the star we see doesn&#8217;t even exist at this point. There are stars that have been destroyed even humanity was just blooming, we haven&#8217;t even seen the explosion, because that particular light haven&#8217;t reached us yet. Even if a alien life from a distant galaxy sent us a signal, by the time it reaches earth, there is a chance no human will be alive by then.

So no alien for us then? Not necessarily. We are getting closer to sci-fi tech like wrap drive or teleportation. While teleportation works on current understanding of quantum mechanics, it might not be a good choice. But wrap drive can shed some life in our hunt for alien life. Why? If we can wrap the space-time and jump from one place to another in Faster than light speed, we might get a chance to visit distant galaxy. We can look for intelligent life there. And believe me when I say this, we may see technology like warp drive in our lifetime. It may sound like a nerd talking, but with our current progress of physics, we are right on course.

Personal feeling, there are intelligent life out there. May be so far that there are no means to communicate. Something most people don&#8217;t know is earth is a early bloomer. In the speed life bloomed on earth is relatively fast. If we had knowledge of other alien life, study would show earth is one of the first planet to seed life. If we consider other aliens like humans, then we have super computer, we are thinking about building spaceship, they are probably just working how to make wheel.

And i highly doubt aliens would be anything like what we see on hollywood movie. Sorry to disappoint you 🙂