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Plex Opening in Ghost / Hidden Window

Plex Opening in the Hidden / Phantom Window

I have been a Plex user for close to 10 years now. Recently I moved my desktop to a new home office and installed my dual monitor setup in a different arrangement. My Primary monitor used to sit in the center and the secondary used to sit on the right side.

On the new setup, i decided to move the secondary to the left side of the primary monitor. And after a couple of hours i noticed, when i opened the plex windows desktop app ( not the home theater one ), it opened to the right side of my primary monitor and in a place where the secondary monitor used to be.

Regardless of what i did, it won’t open or move to any of the monitors. It took me a while, but it turns out that plex saves it last opened position in a ini file. Since the last time i opened Plex and it was in the position where the secondary monitor used to be, it calculated its position using a X Y pixel count from what the Operating system was reporting as the center of the screen.

The Solution

Open your file explorer, navigate to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Plex\plex.ini . The username here is your windows Username.
Note - The AppData is a hidden folder. Make sure to set your hidden file view on.

Open the file with a text editor, preferably something more modern than Notepad, but Notepad will still work.

Use CTRL + F or find to find this exact line windowX. Usually, this will be near the bottom of the file.

Change the value of the following lines to what you see here.


In here, windowX and windowY is the most important one, which determines where plex will open up. Once thats done, save the file.

Note - Your plex app must be closed during this.

Open plex, now it should open up in your main screen. You might need to fiddle with resizing the plex window a couple of time to get the top action bar back.

Happy Plexing