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while Working with wordpress, There is a few theme that you might wanna keep close to the chest. Most of them  are plugin, Some of them are function tweak. So here, I made a list of very useful ( probably must have ) wordpress plugin list. You should probably have a look at this. The list is categorized for different types of user.

[heading size=”7″]After Installing WordPress[/heading]

There is a Few thing that you gotta do as soon as you install wordpress, And i am listing what i do after installing wordpress.

So far, The best Cache plugin, Easy to use and heavily armed with awesomeness. I like it because its more configurable then most other cache plugin and its pretty easy.

[note note_color=”#ff6c66″ radius=”5″]Its a very space consuming plugin, Re-commanded if you have more then 2 GB space and the wordpress installation isn’t for commercial use. [/note]

Many may disagree with me that its not the best choice, but i found it enough, if you are smart. Do a lots of Stuff and Very easy to take care of.

Those who used TinyMCE in other website/CMS then wordpress, always complain that default wordpress visual editor don’t give away all the features of TinyMCE. Install this, configure as you like and get some rest.

TinyMCE Advanced


This is a very important one. Nothing is 100% perfect, including wordpress. There will be some bugs, may be some glitch or vulnerability between thousands of WordPress files. Hotfix provided you fixes to those, as soon as something discovered. Just keep the plugin updated, it will keep your wordpress installation updated.

Jetpack, A plugin from WordPress to boost your wordpress site. But, Because of some ‘thing’ by the jetpack, there is a big amount of people who don’t like it. But its really a life saver. Lots of Super cool things.

[note note_color=”#ff6c66″ radius=”5″]You gotta be very careful while configuring jetpack. It has a mobile theme, if your site is responsive for all kinda mobile device, don’t activate it. On the other hand, Jetpack Photon is a powerful content delivery system, But if you have a CDN, Don’t activate it. plus, Jetpack add some extra CSS/JS file in your site, That might take a bit to load, making your site slower. So keep your eye in optimization to use jetpack. [/note]

We need sitemap, for both of search engine and nerds. So just install it, easy to configure and it will do the rest.

Keep a eye on Priority index, thats counts a lot.

[heading size=”5″]Optimization[/heading]

There are more then thousand reason that can slow your site. And a slow site mean, Less Google rank, Annoyed visitors and Gaining less then expected. To boost thing up, you have to do some wordpress magic.

A heavy page is often cause because of lots of image. And Most of the time, they ain’t even optimized. So its taking more space, more bandwidth and lots of time to load. is a service provided by Yahoo, It will take your image, Beat the crap out of it, Keeping the quality as it was, and will reduce as much size as possible. Really useful.

We ran a lots of thing in wordpress, lots of plugin and lots of post. They all keep logs, unnecessary stuff that consumes a lots of Database space and produce almost nothing. Install it, and get rid of those craps.

I’ve already introduced you with W3 Total Cache, It has a minification tool too, But wp minify is better. So if you are using both, Disable  the minify of W3 Total Cache and use Wp minify.

Lazy load is a simple task, It will load your image after the page finished loading. So the visitor will have his/her content, while viewing/reading it, the lazy load plugin will load the image via ajax. Super cool tool to use. I’ve a similar installed in my site. You might have noticed already.

[heading size=”5″]Writing[/heading]

While writing a blogpost, you will expect some extra feature that will make your writing easy and fast. Make your life easy. Thats where shortcode comes in.

A  Awesome Gallery Plugin, To insert any kind of gallery in your post. Pretty cool, But from a developers view, You migt find it a bit old fashioned.

Its pure awesomeness. HTML5 / CSS3, Responsive, Lightweight and Simple, Easy to use. I liked it very much. Thus i use it.

Another cool wordpress plugin. With its 40+ Shortcodes for Different types of block element, You are on the fly. You might noticed its usage in the very post 😀

Shortcode Ultimate

A nice plugin by Site Origin. It will let you create column inside post, Putting your widget in it, or Embed your gallery and few more. Very useful when you love to write.

[heading size=”5″]Feedback[/heading]

A nice post without any user reaction looks very poor. You are writing to let people know, and to let people contribute, share, help and lot more. So interacting between users is a vital element of Blogging, So as wordpress. Here we will see some way to boost it to maximum.

One of the Most popular comment system so far, instead of using wordpress default comment system, you can use it. You have to just register and Install the plugin, Rest is on Disqus. Very useful, if you are running a huge blog.

lets just say, You don’t like disqus, ( like me ), So lets do some improvement in wordpress comment. Using this plugin, User can use images in comment, In some cases, which is pretty cool.

[note note_color=”#ff7666″]Careful about comment Authentication, If you use this plugin in a post where anyone can comment, without registration, Spammer or Idiots might flood your Disk space. [/note]

The Spam Fighter, if you have akismet installed, you are almost fully protected from spam ( almost ). Its built in wordpress. Just Register and get the api. And you are on. By the way, Its from , those who practically made wordpress.

[note note_color=”#0d823d” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”5″]This page is not finished yet, It will be updated regularly when ever possible, So keep a eye here. [/note]


[note note_color=”#e1e1df” text_color=”#000000″]Looking for a wordpress Developer? Need Security Hardening Or Performance Optimization? Or a Site inspection? I am available 🙂 [/note]

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